Trey Deitch


15Software Engineering Intern
16-??Software Engineer

Stanford University

14Graph theory and matrix theory research under Ryan Williams
  • Researched reductions between graphs and matrices
  • Studied graph theory, matrix theory, and circuit complexity
14Cryptography research under Dan Boneh
  • With a team, developed a PIR system for location-based information
  • Provided location-based information without learning users’ locations
  • Developed an oblivious transfer protocol using the Paillier cryptosystem
  • The work was done on behalf of a major car manufacturer
11-15B.S. in Computer Science
16TA of CS 155 (computer security) and CS 255 (crypto)
16Cryptography research under Dan Boneh
  • Developed randbox, a Python module to perform experiments with entropy
  • Generate random numbers, perform operations on them, and retrieve the min entropy of the result
15-16M.S. in Computer Science
  • Concentrations in Computer & Network Security and Theory


  • Automated new employee on-boarding processes
  • Implemented secure publisher access to Inkling servers
  • Designed and wrote a web app to track dependency updates
  • Wrote software to manage custom apt repositories
  • Built a bug reporting front-end for non-technical employees
  • Developed a secure, distributed file-syncing program for enterprises
  • Contributed to the client and server back-ends
  • Developed the client UI
14Stanford University (summer research with Ryan Williams, see above)